Officials reportedly working towards solutions

Iraqi and Iranian discuss Gaza ceasefire in Tehran

BAGHDAD, November 6 — Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani said on Monday that his government desire for a ceasefire in Gaza is in line with Tehran officials’ stance.

Al-Sudani spoke during a press conference in the Iranian capital. Below is a translated transcript of his remarks:

“We held a meeting with the Iranian President, and the Palestinian issue was the most prominent.

The Palestinian people are facing a genocide.

We reaffirm Iraq’s steadfast position regarding the Palestinian issue. Iraq’s position on the Palestinian issue is clear and has been expressed by the highest religious authority, political and national forces.

For decades, the residents of Gaza have been in a large prison. The international community has failed to fulfill its duties and obligations towards the people of Gaza. Those who want to contain the conflict and prevent its spread in the region must stop the aggression of the Zionist entity.

Iraq plays a role and continues to communicate with the countries of the region for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. We are working diligently to open humanitarian corridors, and Iraq has sent convoys of aid to the people of Gaza.

We continue to communicate to achieve the goal of a ceasefire in Gaza. We discussed in this meeting the distinguished relations between the two countries. There are joint files and projects that have witnessed practical steps after years of hiatus. There are significant opportunities that lay the foundation for an economic partnership, starting with the path of development.”