Iraq to urge governments to treat islamophobia similar to antisemitism

BAGHDAD, July 29 — Iraq wants governments around the world to enact restrictions on desecrating the Quran, similar to laws punishing acts of antisemitism.

Iraq’s Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein will present a proposal to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) later this month to urge the international community to protect religious symbols.

Speaking to Al-Iraqiya state television, Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed Sahaf said: “The government’s stance on the issue of insulting the Quran reaffirms that Iraq is committed to defending sanctities in a manner consistent with the procedural rules we uphold.”

“Iraq did not expel the Swedish ambassador; instead, they requested the ambassador’s ‘departure’ from Baghdad. The government’s discourse has been characterized by reason and moderation.”

“Iraq’s diplomatic vision is grounded in a strong commitment to international resolutions and collective work with the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. This includes urging various groups within the European Union and elsewhere to legislate for the protection of religious symbols and to combat hatred, extremism, and violence. All these efforts are undertaken in a context of equality.”

“There are already international laws that criminalize antisemitism around the world. Iraq will present a proposal during the upcoming meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to address the phenomenon of Islamophobia and call for amendments to national legislation in several countries. These amendments should align with relevant international decisions.”

“A comprehensive working paper will be presented by Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein during the meeting at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The decisions made in the meeting are expected to have a significant impact due to the number of Islamic countries involved.”