Illuminated for the first time

Installation of lighting on Baghdad-Anbar highway’s first section completed

ANBAR, November 4 — The installation of lighting along the first section of the strategic highway connecting Baghdad and Anbar has been completed and was illuminated for the first time. This is part of a project that encompasses the entire highway, extending to the border crossings with Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

The first part of this strategic project covers the segment from the Al-Suqoor checkpoint to a location 35 kilometers west of Anbar. The project was funded by the Fund for the Reconstruction of Affected Areas.

This project is part of a plan to improve traffic flow and reduce traffic accidents, with an overall completion rate of 70%.

Aziz Al-Tarmouz, an energy affairs consultant for Network 964, explained that:

“The project included the installation of a lighting line along the road, as well as a 33-kilovolt electricity line to provide the necessary power for lighting. It involved the installation of 3,500 lighting poles and 75 electricity transformers to supply power to the electrical line.

The ultimate plan is to extend lighting to the remaining sections of the international highway, including the three border crossings towards Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.”

One of the local residents, Hazam Mohammed, expressed his appreciation for the project, stating:

“This road is one of the most important connections between Anbar and the other provinces. We feel safer when traveling long distances with this lighting.”

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