Officials meet with tour operators

Kurdistan Region’s tourism authority mandates permits for tour guides and climbers

SULAYMANIYAH, October 30 — The Tourism Authority of the Kurdistan Region mandated on Monday that tour guides and climbers leading tourist groups in Sulaymaniyah obtain official permits. The Tourism Authority also issued a directive stating that any and all trips must be regiseted to ensure the safety of tourists.

The Tourism Authority held a meeting with several tour guides and climbers in Sulaymaniyah and Halabja to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Ibrahim Abdulmajid, from the Kurdistan Tourism Authority, stated, “Amal Jalal, the head of the Tourism Authority, informed the tour guides that those working without official licenses are now required to obtain them. Special training courses will be opened for them in the near future.”

“Tourist trip organizers must coordinate with the relevant authorities to take necessary measures to safeguard the lives of tourists from climbing and other risks,” Abdulmajid added.