Warnings issued against sharing students' images on social media

Iraq urged to enact data protection laws

BAGHDAD, October 28 — Iraq’s Digital Media Center warned on Friday against sharing videos and personal photos of students while they are in school on social media platforms.

The Center’s spokesperson, Hussein Al-Moula stated in a press release that sharing students’ images on digital platforms violates personal privacy and subjects students to various issues, including cyberbullying and verbal abuse. Iraq’s Ministry of Education issued a directive this week banning the use of cell phones in classrooms to take students’ photos.

“The law protects personal images based on two main criteria: the first relates to prohibiting photography without permission, meaning that taking a personal photo without the consent of the individual is not allowed. The second relates to prohibiting the dissemination of this image without prior permission from the person concerned,” Al-Moula said.

He continued, “The Ministry of Education has prohibited the use of mobile phones for photographing students in schools, which is a valid decision because improper use can expose students to various criminal acts, including bullying, insulting, or other actions that constitute a crime under Iraqi law.”

Al-Moula urged lawmakers to enact laws that consider challenges of the digital world, including personal data protection laws.