Man offered to change student's grades for 30 million dinars

Suspect arrested in Babil for extortion and impersonation

BABIL, October 28 — Police arrested a suspect in Babil on Friday for impersonating a Ministry of Education employee and offering to change a student’s exam grades for 30 million Iraqi dinars.

A statement released by the police said:

Based on a complaint filed by a student in Babil governorate regarding an individual’s attempt to extort her for a sum of money amounting to 30 million Iraqi dinars in exchange for changing her exam grades, falsely claiming at times that he worked in the Ministry of Education, and at other times that he was affiliated with the Council of Representatives, the National Security apparatus immediately initiated an investigation and pursued the accused  after obtaining judicial approvals to gather information about the case. The mentioned suspect was subsequently apprehended, and confessed openly to receiving the mentioned amount from the victim in installments.