Former yacht of Saddam Hussein

Iraqi government transfers presidential yacht for scientific research

BAGHDAD, October 25 — Iraq’s Council of Ministers issued a decision on Wednesday to transfer the presidential yacht to the Ministry of Marine Sciences at the University of Basra for scientific research.

This decision follows a dispute over the yacht’s ownership with the Ministry of Transportation.

The yacht, formerly owned by Saddam Hussein, has been repurposed as the headquarters for the Center for Marine Sciences. The center’s management emphasizes that the yacht has become a crucial maritime asset for researchers, as it is equipped for long-distance voyages, allowing for scientific tests and research in various areas of the Arabian Gulf and even the shores of the Indian Ocean.

Previously, research activities were limited to Iraq’s territorial waters.

A statement from the Cabinet read:

The Cabinet also decided to donate the presidential yacht, Nasim Al-Basra, to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, specifically to the University of Basra’s Center for Marine Sciences, for its scientific utilization.