Al-Saadi speaks at Minister's Council in Egypt

Iraqi Minister emphasizes government’s commitment to transportation sector

BAGHDAD, October 24 — Minister of Transport Razak Muhaibis Al-Saadi stated on Tuesday that the government is giving significant attention to the transportation sector. He further affirmed that the Development Road Project represents a qualitative shift in the country’s economic reality.

His remarks were made during a speech at the 36th session of the Arab Transport Ministers Council in Egypt.

A statement from the ministry, received by 964, quoted the minister saying, “We have adopted plans and policies aimed at the development of the transportation sector, and we attach great importance to this field.”

He continued, “The Development Road Project represents a qualitative shift in the [country’s] economic reality. Our government pays great attention to the transportation and communication sector, as it serves as a gauge of the progress of nations and societies.”

Furthermore, the minister highlighted the Palestinian issue, stating, “The Palestinian cause requires Arab and Islamic unity and significant efforts by all to restore the rights of this people in their land, sanctuaries, and to enable them to live in freedom, dignity, and security.”

Al-Saadi also strongly denounced the aggression and barbaric massacres committed by Israel against the people of Gaza.