MP cites support for Israel from bases in Iraq

Coalition MP accuses the U.S. of violating military agreements with Iraq

BAGHDAD, October 23 — State of Law Coalition member Haider Al-Lami accused the United States on Sunday of not respecting its military agreement with Baghdad and antagonizing Iraq’s neighbors through its support of Israel from bases inside the country.

Al-Lami spoke in an interview with journalist Hossam Al-Hajj on Iraq24, and said the U.S. has violated agreements dating back to former Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, and when American soldiers returned to the country to join the international coalition’s fight against the Islamic State in 2014.

“The U.S. now uses its bases in Iraq to support the occupier, Israel. A great deal of logistics go to Tel Aviv from Ain al-Asad Air Base and Harir Hall,” Al-Lami said. “This is certainly unacceptable for numerous reasons, primarily because the treaties between the two sides stipulate that these bases should not impact Iraq’s neighbors or regional security. They should be present to protect Iraq and U.S. interests within Iraq.”

He continued, “We reject the U.S. support for Israel through these bases in the killing of the Palestinian people in such a brutal manner and threatening the entire region. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif made this clear when he said, ‘The region is sitting on a powder keg.'”

Al-Lami went on to say attacks on U.S. bases in Iraq were justified as a result of Washington’s role in Israel’s current campaign.

“Yes, yes, because the U.S. bases are the ones putting Iraq at risk by serving as a supply line to Israel. Therefore, U.S. bases in Iraq today pose a threat to Iraq’s neighbors, and it is the right of the Iraqis to defend their sovereignty,” he stated.