A rapid solution to the situation

French president Emmanuel Macron and Al-Sudani discuss Gaza crisis in phone call

BAGHDAD, October 22 — On Sunday, Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani, engaged in a phone call with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

The conversation revolved around the rapidly evolving developments in the region and the critical events unfolding in the occupied Palestinian territories due to the continued aggression of the Zionist occupation authorities on civilians in the Gaza Strip.

They emphasized the importance of ongoing efforts to find a rapid solution to the situation.

Furthermore, the call emphasized that the escalating events have significant repercussions on regional and international peace and security.

Both leaders agreed to maintain communication and collaborate on achieving a ceasefire and containing the conflict to reach comprehensive and just solutions.

Prime Minister Al-Sudani stressed that the crisis did not start on October 7th last year but is deeply rooted and spans decades of non-compliance with international laws and legitimacy by the occupying authorities.

This has subjected the entire Palestinian people to unjust imprisonment, resulting in a strong sense of injustice and oppression within and beyond Palestine.

President Macron highlighted the urgent need to prevent the conflict from spreading further, safeguarding civilians from its consequences.

The necessity of securing an immediate ceasefire, opening humanitarian crossings for aid delivery to the besieged Gaza population, preventing escalation, and ending the humanitarian suffering in Gaza were also discussed.