2500 visually impaired individuals registered to obtain canes

Erbil municipality reveals plans for a special road for the visually impaired

ERBIL, October 15 — On Saturday, the Erbil Municipality announced the commencement date for the construction of a road specifically designed for the visually impaired, complete with its path and directions. In response, the Union of the Visually Impaired confirmed that 2,500 visually impaired individuals have registered to obtain the necessary canes for safely using this road.

A statement from the Erbil Municipality, translated by Network 964, reads as follows:

“We will begin work on the visually impaired road, which measures 1.5 kilometers and is located in the city’s market. This road will enable individuals with special needs to walk without any difficulties.

The project will commence next Monday and will cover various areas, with directions extending from the Erbil Citadel to several locations in the city center.

This marks the first time in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region that such a road is being constructed for the visually impaired.”

Yadgar Karim, President of the Kurdistan Union of the Visually Impaired, stated to Network 964:

“The road will start in front of the Erbil Municipality and will enter the city’s market, passing through Sirwan Street and covering multiple locations. Visually impaired individuals using the road will have special canes to place on the path, allowing them to cross the road without any issues.

Over 2,500 visually impaired individuals have registered with our union, and more than this number will benefit from this road.”