New system complies with CBI rules

Al-Rafidain Bank to launch online dollar reservation system for travelers

BAGHDAD, October 14 — Al-Rafidain Bank announced on Friday it would soon launch an online system for people to reserve and buy U.S. dollars before traveling outside of Iraq.

Travelers would need to fill out a reservation form via the bank’s online platform before buying dollars for travel outside of the country.

In a statement received by 964, the bank stated:

In compliance with government directives and instructions from the Central Bank of Iraq to facilitate the process of smoothly and efficiently obtaining U.S. dollars for travelers, Al-Rafidain Bank is soon launching an electronic dollar reservation service.

In the coming days this month [October], the bank will begin adopting electronic reservations. Travelers can make reservations by filling out the reservation form through the electronic registration link published on the bank’s website:

After completing the reservation online, customers can then visit their designated branch to fulfill the dollar issuance requirements directly, in accordance with the established regulations issued by the Central Bank of Iraq.