Complex features administrative and tourism facilities

Newly reconstructed Nineveh governorate building nears 85-percent completion

MOSUL, October 14 — The Al-Rafidain Company, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Water Resources, has announced that construction of the new Nineveh governorate building has reached an 85-percent completion.

The Ministry provided a comprehensive overview of the building’s details in a statement, which said:

The Al-Rafidain Public Company for Dam Construction, a subsidiary of the ministry, is overseeing the construction of the Nineveh Governorate Building and the Hospitality House. The project comprises two buildings: the governorate building and the hospitality house, with an 85-percent completion rate. Work continues late into the day to ensure the project stays on schedule.

The governorate building consists of a central building with a constructed area of 10,000 square meters, including a basement, a central building, and a main dome. Additionally, there is the hospitality house with a constructed area of 3,000 square meters, which functions as a three-story hotel building. There is also a central courtyard for use by guests coming from outside the governorate. The project is now in its final stages.

The exterior of the building is constructed from limestone, incorporating Assyrian architectural elements in the towers, arches, and columns, representing the region’s historical heritage. The entrances are designed to resemble the reed matting found in the marshes, featuring a chamomile flower pattern.

The central building includes the Governor’s wing, Deputy Governor’s wings, as well as the sections of the administrative, financial, legal, and monitoring directorates, distributed across the floors of the building.

The central building features a waiting area for visitors on the ground floor, a main meeting hall on the second floor, and a central dome, which is the largest dome in the city of Mosul.”

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