Authorities establish committee to monitor the situation

Climate change threatens various tree species in Duhok

DUHOK, October 12 — The Duhok Agriculture Directorate has warned that some of the city’s trees are facing the risk of extinction, attributing the reasons to global climate change, the emergence of common tree diseases, and groundwater depletion.

Kawa Sabri, Duhok Forest Director, said:

Oak, juniper, and hawthorn trees are endangered, and there is a serious drought in Duhok’s forests due to global climate change.

Among other contributing factors are the emergence of several common tree diseases and the depletion of groundwater.

A special committee has been formed in our directorate in collaboration with the College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences to monitor the forests, create a follow-up list, and find rapid solutions.

The committee visited several forests in the village of Jametri, located in the Mankishk district in Duhok, where most of the trees had withered.