Al-Hakim says the elections will chart the nation's course

Ammar Al-Hakim discusses local elections and bilateral relations with U.S. ambassador

BAGHDAD, October 5 — In a meeting on Wednesday with the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Alina Romanowski, Ammar Al-Hakim, the head of the Wisdom Movement, discussed  upcoming local elections and their significance in understanding the country’s future.

A statement from Al-Hakim highlighted the results of Iraq’s participation in United Nations General Assembly meetings in New York last month, international and regional openness to Iraq, and evaluations of political and security developments. He emphasized the relationship between Baghdad and Washington and ways to enhance it in the interest of both countries.

He called for the continuation of joint committee meetings between the two sides, stating that these meetings are capable of finding solutions to issues and bridging differences on certain matters.

Al-Hakim stressed the importance of the upcoming Iraqi elections, explaining their significance for understanding the nature of the next phase in Iraq. He emphasized the need to hold them on time and to compete on the basis of service programs, considering that provincial councils are service-oriented bodies that address the daily needs of citizens.

He also emphasized the importance of government support, stating that such support will enhance Iraq’s stability and contribute to strengthening Iraq’s interests with regional and global countries. He underscored the significance of Iraq’s stability as a key condition for regional and global stability, a fact demonstrated by events and experiences.