To standardize the new design

Baghdad to introduce rectangular vehicle plates in accordance with Kurdistan Region

BAGHDAD, September 30 — An official from the General Traffic Directorate stated to Network 964 that Baghdad will soon begin printing and distributing rectangular vehicle plates to standardize the new design with plates used in the Kurdistan Region. This follows an agreement between the two Interior Ministries. He denied any involvement of local companies, including “Madar Dijlah,” emphasizing that the Traffic Directorate is establishing a comprehensive facility for plate printing and preparation.

The Director of Media at the General Traffic Directorate, Brigadier Ziyad Al-Qaisi, explained: “An agreement was reached between the Interior Ministries in the region and the center to unify the design of rectangular plates throughout Iraq, with the replacement of the province’s name with a specific number and code. For example, Baghdad will bear the number 11, and Erbil 22.”

The capital will initiate this process soon, and no company, including “Madar Dijlah,” or any other, is involved in plate printing. The Traffic Directorate is currently setting up a complete facility for plate printing and preparation.

When importing a vehicle, according to traffic laws, citizens have the option to either purchase a number from the General Traffic Directorate or renumber an old vehicle and transfer it to the new one, essentially retiring the old vehicle.

The registration fee for a new car can reach up to 250,000 Iraqi dinars. However, the purchase of a new number from the government is based on the number of “cylinders,” with each “cylinder” priced at 500,000 Iraqi dinars.

The Traffic Directorate does not interfere with the price of an old number when a citizen buys an old car from the market; this is a matter between the seller and the buyer.

Iraqi citizens have the right to leave the country with their private vehicle after obtaining an exit permit, marking the vehicle, and paying the necessary fees. Upon returning to Iraq, they must remove the exit permit and markings to avoid theft or smuggling.

Every citizen has the right to participate in the public auction for special numbers overseen by the Traffic Directorate, after paying the required fees. The highest bidder who matches the announced price by the Traffic Directorate will be awarded the special number.