Iraqi interior ministry announces

Amendments to civil defense law after Hamdaniya tragedy

NINEVE, September 27 — The spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior confirmed that new amendments will be made to the Civil Defense Law with the aim of preventing incidents like the Hamdaniya tragedy. He also noted that security forces have arrested those responsible for the Heitham Wedding Hall.

Khaled Al-Muhanna, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior, stated in a phone interview with journalist Asmaa Zerman, as reported by Network 964:

“The investigations are still ongoing, but the primary causes of the high number of casualties include the closure of emergency exits at the wedding hall, failure to adhere to civil defense guidelines and safety procedures, the use of fireworks, and the presence of a large number of people in the hall.

The initial casualty count was not final, with 93 martyrs and 100 injured. Some of the injured were transferred to other hospitals, and some left after receiving treatment.

The staff and management responsible for the hall have been detained, and necessary measures have been taken against the project owners.

There are deficiencies in the current Civil Defense Law, so the Minister instructed that amendments be made to this law. Legal departments have already begun work in this regard, and one of the conditions will be that approvals for any project will be suspended until all civil defense instructions are completed.”