Father and son were gathering firewood

Teenage boy dies, father injured in mine explosion in Diyala

DIYALA, September 23 — A 16-year-old boy was killed in a mine explosion in Diyala on Friday as he and his father gathered firewood in an orchard in the Abi Saida district, according to a local security source. The boy’s father was injured in the blast.

The security source told 964: “An old explosive device placed under a woodpile in the orchards of the village of Abu Karama, located in the Abi Saida district,  detonated. The explosion resulted in the death of a boy who was working as a laborer collecting firewood, and his father was injured.”

Rusty ammunition was also found at the scene of the incident. The victim was transported to the forensic medicine department in Baqubah.