Gas cylinders see 30-percent price hike in Ramadi

RAMADI, July 27 — Gas cylinder prices in Ramadi saw an increase of 30-percent on Wednesday, now selling at 9,000 Iraqi dinars.

Residents in Ramadi told 964: “If prices are not controlled, we will be forced to protest. The situation is catastrophic for low-income families.”

Hamad Abdul Farhan, manager of the Ramadi gas plant, said to 964: “We sell a gas cylinder for 6,000 dinars, but there are agents selling them for 9,000 dinars. The plant will impose financial penalties on those agents.”

“There are also gas cylinders being sold that do not meet technical specifications and safety requirements or have external welding, which is illegal.”

“We urge citizens not to purchase or exchange cylinders from unauthorized agents, and we will confiscate such cylinders without compensation.”