Pet ownership on the rise in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, April 10 — The alleys of Al-Hussainiya, located in the north of Baghdad, have become accustomed to the presence of pets, and sometimes even predatory animals, to the point where shops and clinics catering to their needs have proliferated in the area.

The Al-Hussainiya area is experiencing a surge in the number of people interested in owning pets, leading to increased activity in animal shops and veterinary clinics.

Keeping a variety of animals not only provides entertainment for their owners, but also offers an opportunity for socializing and making new acquaintances.

Raed Muhammad, who owns a shop that buys and sells animals, told Network 964: “It is surprising to see the popularity of the animal trade in Al-Hussainiya, where both men and women keep pets, including some that are predatory or ferocious guard dogs.”

Animals of all kinds serve as a source of entertainment for families and young people, and they can also be profitable for those who specialize in breeding and selling them.

In addition to being a source of entertainment and income, owning pets provides an opportunity for residents to socialize and connect with others in their own community and beyond, including individuals from different governorates.

Rania, a resident from the area: “It’s heartening to witness such enthusiasm for keeping pets. Personally, I’m passionate about caring for cats, which has now become an integral part of my daily routine.”