Attributed to unified decision-making center in Iraq

Erbil-Baghdad relations experiencing a détente, says KRG official

NEWSROOM – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)’s Head of the Department of Media and Information, Jotiar Adil, stated that a détente has been achieved between Baghdad and Erbil following a series of positive developments. Adil attributed the détente to the emergence of a unified decision-making center in the country, aiding in resolving various issues.

Adil’s comments coincide with Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) leader Masoud Barzani’s visit to Baghdad, where he met with Iraqi leaders. The KDP is the major governing party of the KRG.

The federal government and the KRG have achieved breakthroughs on the disbursement of KRG employees’ salaries, the organization of Kurdistan parliamentary elections, and security collaboration with neighboring countries.

Adil noted that Iraq and the Kurdistan Region face joint challenges in security, environment, and water, stemming from agreements Iraq has signed with neighboring countries like Turkey, Iran, and those in the Gulf region. “These issues are strategic and require an Iraqi decision,” he said.

Despite progress, disputes remain, particularly regarding the Peshmerga forces. Adil highlighted that the KRG submitted its security forces list to Baghdad in the same format as other Iraqi ministries, but faced unique demands. “They are making demands of us that they do not make of Baghdad’s own security forces, and we are asking about the double standards,” he said.

On foreign relations, Adil acknowledged that formulating foreign policy is a sovereign matter for Baghdad but expressed frustration at the federal government’s response to Iranian missile attacks on Erbil. He emphasized that KRG’s relations with Iran must be mediated through Baghdad.