The Logos Hope leaves Basra

BASRA, April 9 — Boats and ships owned by the General Company for Iraqi Ports escorted the “Logos Hope” vessel to the furthest point within the territorial waters, marking the end of the Faw coast in the southernmost part of Basra. This was a solemn farewell after the vessel departed from its anchorage in the Shatt Al-Arab.

One of the escort boats displayed a prominent banner that expressed gratitude towards Logos Hope for their visit to our country. The banner read, “Thank you for visiting our country, Logos Hope.”

It’s worth mentioning that the ship named “Logos Hope” stayed docked for 12 days on the banks of Shatt Al-Arab, during which time it opened its unique floating library to visitors.

The number of visitors exceeded 90,000 by last Friday evening, and the ship left on Saturday morning. According to the ship’s captain, it recorded the highest book sales it has ever achieved throughout its tours, with a total of 964 books sold.