Seasonal cases

Erbil, Duhok report high emergency visits during Eid

ERBIL — The Erbil Health Directorate reported that during the four-day Eid al-Adha holiday, the region’s hospitals recorded over 15,000 visits and 22 fatalities. According to the Directorate, 15,846 patients sought medical attention, involving 705 incidents that required 486 major and minor surgeries. Additionally, the hospitals managed 78 cases of fractures and dislocations.

The data further highlighted that 1,227 individuals received treatment for poisoning and burns, while 1,536 were provided general care. Moreover, there were 82 births in the governorate during the holiday period.

In Duhok, the holiday period saw a significant number of gastroenteritis cases among children, with over 400 incidents of vomiting and diarrhea reported. A hospital director in Duhok attributed the increase to the season, noting that such viral infections are typical in summer but are generally not dangerous.

Dr. Mohammed Mustafa, assistant director at Hevi Pediatric Hospital in Duhok, told 964media that daily, between 100 and 150 new cases were observed among children aged 3 to 10 at the start of the holiday. “The illness is not dangerous and is treatable in the hospital,” Dr. Mustafa said. He added that children with chronic conditions like asthma and heart disease faced higher risks.

During the holiday, Hevi Pediatric Hospital, the only government pediatric facility in Duhok governorate capable of accommodating more than 200 patients, recorded more than 120 cases daily.