Power cuts

Thousands protest in Dhi Qar over electricity crisis

NASIRIYAH — Thousands of residents in Dhi Qar province took to the streets Sunday, protesting the ongoing electricity crisis and demanding a steady power supply.

Murtada Naeem, a local protester, expressed his frustration to 964media. “Thousands of residents are protesting today due to the ongoing electricity crisis in the province, which has seen no improvement for years,” Naeem said. “There have been no tangible solutions from either the local or central government to address this dire situation.”

Karrar Ghanem, another participant in the protest, voiced a specific demand: “Our main demand is to secure a fixed electricity quota for Nasiriyah and to exempt it from the rolling blackouts imposed by central control, just like Basra.”

Ghanem elaborated on additional goals of the protest. “We also call for the activation of stalled electricity production projects in the province and for the electricity production branch in Dhi Qar to become a standalone public company, rather than a marginalized branch under Basra’s control.”

Amer Hassan, also protesting, called for community support. “We call on the residents to supply us with logistical materials such as water and food, as our sit-in at the thermal power plant will continue until our demands are met,” Hassan urged. He also requested that caretakers of nearby Husseiniyas and procession organizers open their doors to the protesters.