150,000 dunums to be cultivated nationwide

Iraq to resume cultivation of amber rice

BASRA – Iraq will resume the cultivation of its prized amber rice this year, dedicating 150,000 dunums (around 37,000 acres) to the crop, Minister of Water Resources Aoun Diab announced today via 964media. The primary cultivation areas will include 80,000 dunums in Najaf and 50,000 dunums in Diwaniyah in southern Iraq.

Amber rice, a long-grained aromatic variety of white rice, is highly valued in Iraq and typically served during special occasions.  It is a significant part of the country’s agricultural heritage.

The rice plant is water-intensive and grown in areas with direct access to water, such as rivers and creeks.

This initiative marks a return to traditional farming practices amid ongoing challenges such as water scarcity and climate change impacts.

While Diab did not mention Kurdistan, amber rice is also cultivated in areas like Akre in Duhok province and the Garmiyan region in Sulaymaniyah province.