To escape the summer heat

30,000 tourists visit Dukan on first day of Eid

DUKAN – On the first day of Eid al-Adha, 30,000 tourists visited Sulaymaniyah’s Dukan district, with expectations that the number of visitors will exceed previous years.

Dukan district, located 70 km north of Sulaymaniyah City, is one of the Kurdistan Region’s key tourist destinations. It attracts many local and Iraqi tourists each year who come to enjoy the cooler summer climate, the large lake, river, and local fish.

Rejin Rauf, the director of tourism in Dukan, told 964media that they had not yet received statistics for the second day because tourists continue to arrive late into the night. He expects the number of visitors to increase beyond the first day’s count.

“We have a continuous inspection committee that patrols the area, and we work with the district’s local committees. Any issues or concerns are addressed immediately,” Rauf said.

During the Ramadan Eid al-Fitr holiday, Dukan district had 100,000 visitors.

“Since last Tuesday and Wednesday, the cabins and hotels in Dukan have been full of tourists,” Rauf added.

The General Board of Tourism of the Kurdistan Region expects the holiday to attract over 300,000 visitors.