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Darbandikhan tanker incident causes over $15,000 damage to power grid

DARBANDIKHAN — A recent tanker accident in Sulaymaniyah’s Darbandikhan district caused an estimated 20 million dinars ($15,260) in damage to the local power grid.

The incident occurred on Friday when a fuel tanker overturned near the Darbandikhan tunnel, igniting a fire and causing extensive damage.

Basit Aziz, director of Darbandikhan Electricity Distribution, told 964media, “Out of a total of 20 electricity feeders, two feeders, specifically Feeder 11 and Feeder 22, which supply power to residential areas, and Feeder 17, which provides continuous power to hospitals and water projects, were affected due to the tanker explosion.”

The tanker had one passenger in addition to the driver. Both sustained injuries and were taken to Darbandikhan Hospital for treatment.

“Following inspection, it was determined that the total damages amounted to 20 million dinars ($15,260), and repair work commenced the next day,” Aziz said.

In addition to the damage to the power grid, the fire caused significant harm to the trees and plants lining the road.