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Delay in embassy bridge renovation causes traffic woes

BAGHDAD, September 9 — Some residents of Al-Amil, Hayy Hatteen, and neighboring areas in Baghdad have expressed their frustration over the delay in the renovation of Embassy Bridge, which connects several western and southern neighborhoods to the city center. They have cited concerns about the lengthy and congested alternative routes.

The bridge was closed for maintenance, and it was initially expected that the work would be completed within 45 days. However, the stipulated period has passed without the bridge being reopened.

Abu Hayder, a resident of Al-Amil, shared his frustration with Network 964, saying, “The maintenance work was supposed to be completed within 45 days, but it has not been completed yet. We are forced to take alternative routes to reach the area, which are longer and farther from our homes.”

Abu Aws, a resident of Hayy Hatteen, added, “The delay in completing the bridge maintenance has caused severe traffic congestion and added pressure on Airport Road.”

Rizq Hamid, a resident of Al-Bayaa, also expressed his concerns, saying, “The bridge closure has multiplied the difficulty of commuting to and from work. I have to pass through Sayyidiya and Jadiyah Bridge or take the expressway to reach my job in Mansour.”

The delayed renovation of Embassy Bridge has led to significant inconveniences for local residents and commuters, forcing them to navigate through more time-consuming and congested routes.

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