Officials promise quick solution

Internet service disruptions in Haditha due to technical issue

HADITHA, September 7 — Internet service in Anbar’s Haditha city experienced frequent interruptions starting Wednesday evening, culminating in a complete outage Thursday morning, which authorities have attributed to a technical glitch.

Abu Zur Qahtan, the owner of an internet tower in Haditha, told 964: “This morning, the network’s strength deteriorated, and the internet went out completely. We contacted the service provider, who informed us of a technical issue with EarthLink. They are currently working on fixing it in the coming hours.”

Amjad Adnan, a representative from the service provider company, stated: “We have been experiencing continuous interruptions since yesterday until this morning. The company is actively working to resolve the issue, as many private sector businesses and government departments rely heavily on the internet.”

Suhaila Ismail, Communications Director in Anbar, informed 964: “The technical fault has affected only the National Project Network. They are working to rectify it and restore the service as soon as possible.”