From farmer and author Azad Mohammed

From Farm to Page: Unveiling the World of Pomegranates

HALABJA, September 6 — In the picturesque region of Halabja, a groundbreaking literary endeavor is taking shape, ushering in a new era of agricultural knowledge and appreciation. “Pomegranate Book,” penned by the accomplished farmer Azad Mohammed, is set to become the definitive guide on the cultivation and journey of pomegranates, from planting to market.

Mohammed, a luminary in the world of agriculture, graciously shared his insights about the creation of his extraordinary book with 964 Magazine. In an exclusive interview, he revealed his motivation for choosing pomegranates as the subject of his literary endeavor and his vision for future works.

The question on everyone’s mind was why Mohammed chose pomegranates as the focal point of his book. He responded with passion, “Every region is celebrated for its unique products, and pomegranates have long been synonymous with the Kurdish identity. These luscious fruits have not only been cherished locally but have also found their way into international markets. I’ve dedicated this book to unravel the remarkable journey of pomegranates, and in the future, I plan to explore the realms of grapes and turmeric.”

Mohammed’s expertise in the field of agriculture precedes him, and he’s known for his groundbreaking innovations. “Pomegranate Book” is poised to be a valuable resource for both novice and seasoned farmers and enthusiasts alike. It promises to demystify the entire process of pomegranate cultivation, from selecting the ideal saplings to nurturing the trees and ultimately bringing the vibrant red jewels to market.

However, Mohammed’s commitment to his community goes beyond the pages of his book. He intends to publish the book in the near future, with all proceeds dedicated to Hiwa and Nanakali hospitals. This philanthropic gesture underscores his unwavering dedication to the well-being of his fellow citizens.

In “Pomegranate Book,” readers can expect to embark on a fascinating journey into the heart of pomegranate cultivation. Mohammed’s wealth of experience and knowledge, delivered in the local language, ensures that this book will serve as a bridge between tradition and modernity, paving the way for a thriving pomegranate industry in Halabja and beyond.

As the release of “Pomegranate Book” draws near, it promises to enrich the agricultural landscape of the region while contributing to the health and prosperity of its residents. Mohammed’s dedication to the pomegranate, a symbol of Kurdish culture and resilience, shines through in every word of this groundbreaking work.