Gulls sent for investigation

Mass gull deaths in Dukan Lake spark concerns for the bird species

DUKAN — The Raperin Forestry Police have initiated an investigation following the discovery of a large number of dead gulls in the vicinity of Dukan Lake, specifically around Ranya and Bingird.

Major Khasraw Mohammed, spokesperson for the forestry police, told 964media. “A significant number of the gulls living on the [lake’s] islands near Ranya and Bingird have been found dead,” he stated.

The cause of the mass mortality is currently unclear. Mohammed mentioned that some of the dead gulls are being sent to veterinary pathologists to determine the cause of death.

Hama-Shwan Barzinji, director of Raparin’s environment directorate, said local authorities take animal protection seriously, but that such incidents are not without precedent. “[The gulls] have protection and guards, but these incidents have also occurred in previous years,” he said.

According to Barzinji, the gulls are currently in their breeding season, sparking concerns for future numbers as a result of the deaths.