Officials meet to discuss greater support

Ministry of Education reopens fine arts institute in Erbil following public appeals

ERBIL, September 5 — The Kurdistan region’s Ministry of Education announced on Tuesday it would reopen the Erbil Fine Arts Institute, in response to appeals from students and their families, reversing a previous decision to close it.

In a statement received by 964, the Ministry said:

Dr. Ibrahim Namis Al-Jubouri, the Minister of Education, ordered the reopening of the Fine Arts Institute in the Erbil Governorate, heeding the requests of local residents after a previous decision to close it. He instructed the Director General of Preparation and Training at the Ministry, Ahmed Al-Shuaili, to travel to the governorate and meet with relevant authorities there.

The Ministry’s press office also noted that Al-Shuaili held a meeting with Erbil Governorate’s Director General, Muthir Mahmoud Jirjis, and the Director of the Fine Arts Institute, Ali Al-Naimi. They discussed ways to enhance and support students of fine arts institutes, allowing them to pursue their dreams in the realm of creativity. The Ministry affirmed its commitment to harnessing the potential of youth to promote genuine and purposeful art.

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