10 others escape to safety

Flash flood on Mount Derbandi Masuran kills four mountaineers

QARADAGH — A group of 14 mountaineers climbing Mount Derbandi Masuran near Awaspi village in the Qaradagh district was overtaken by a flash flood killing four of them, officials said.

Yasir Hama Saleh, the leader of the Kurdistan Mountaineering Group, told 964media that rescuers have recovered the bodies of all four mountaineers.

Aram Ali, the civil defense spokesperson for Sulaimaniyah, informed 964media that the bodies will be transferred to the Sulaimaniyah Forensic Medicine Department.

Ariyan Shkak, a spokesperson for the Mountaineering Association, said the group had embarked on the climb aiming to reach the summit via a challenging route intended for experienced climbers.

Shkak confirmed that the other 10 mountaineers were unharmed and safely descended the mountain, with no further threats to their safety.