After a decade of delays

325,000 civil servants in Kurdistan awaiting promotions

NEWSROOM — An investigation by 964media has revealed that a staggering 325,000 civil servants in the Kurdistan Region are eagerly awaiting promotions.

Data obtained from the Public Servants Union indicates that the total number of civil servants in the region stands at 682,141.

Yousif Osman Aweneyi, head of the Kurdistan Public Servants Union, disclosed to 964media that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) requires nearly an additional 100 billion dinars (approximately $75 million) to address the promotion needs of its civil servants.

In response to mounting pressure, the KRG Ministry of Finance issued a statement on April 4, announcing the commencement of a review process for civil servant promotions spanning from January 1, 2016, to May 1, 2024. Ministries, departments, and agencies have been instructed to compile lists of eligible civil servants for consideration.

Aweneyi emphasized the importance of promotion as a right for civil servants, asserting, “Promotion is a right for civil servants, and their deserved financial benefits, which have not been provided due to delays. They must be restored.”

Since Baghdad halted regular budget payments to Kurdistan in 2014, the KRG has suspended promotions for its employees. With Baghdad now responsible for disbursing KRG salaries following a Federal Supreme Court ruling in February, the KRG is reliant on Baghdad to allocate additional funds required for promotions. However, no such funds have been allocated thus far, and it is not clear if Baghdad would agree to the measure.

In line with the KRG’s directive, the General Directorate of Commercial Banks, under the Ministry of Finance, has instructed all commercial bank branches to implement promotions based on specified laws and guidelines by May 1, 2024. Civil servants eligible for promotions must meet the criteria without delays or penalties.

Furthermore, employees currently below grade six, who hold a master’s or doctoral degree, will see their salaries adjusted accordingly: master’s degree holders to 3,740,000 dinars {around $2,800) and doctoral degree holders to 4,290,000 dinars ($3,250). Additionally, individuals with the title of Expert/Advanced Manager will receive only their base salary if they held the title before 2015.

According to the directive, promotions must consider educational qualifications in accordance with Baghdad’s salary scale: high school diploma from 825,000 to 893,000 dinars, below-high school certificate from 589,000 to 700,000 dinars, without a certificate from 489,000 to 589,000 dinars, and bachelor’s/college/preparatory at 1,110,000 dinars.