Officials demand urgent action

Four Garmiyan schools are at collapse risk

GARMIYAN — Four schools in Kurdistan Region’s Garmiyan area are on the brink of collapse, raising critical safety concerns for students and staff. The identified schools at risk – “Kalar,” “Pazhar,” “Bedar,” and “Kulajo” – exhibit significant cracks and structural weaknesses in classroom walls and foundations.

The Garmiyan region is situated approximately 60 km south of Sulaymaniyah, with Kalar as its center administrative seat.

Dara Ahmed, Director-General of Education in Garmiyan, highlighted the dire situation facing these schools.

“Due to the lack of alternative facilities,” students are compelled to attend classes in compromised buildings, posing safety risks, Ahmed stated. Emphasizing the urgent need for action, Ahmed stressed the necessity “to demolish and rebuild these schools entirely.”

Additionally, Ahmed mentioned that 70 other schools in the area require renovation, with plans underway to commence refurbishment soon. However, financial constraints have halted two of these renovation projects midway.

The Garmiyan administration oversees 403 schools, grappling with overcrowding due to a significant rise in student numbers. Budget shortages in Kurdistan, stemming from political disputes with Baghdad, have hampered the delivery of public services, including the construction of new schools. In Garmiyan alone, 17 schools operate on three-shift sessions to accommodate all students.

Bardarash schools suffer from earthquake damage, renovation efforts underway

Bardarash schools suffer from earthquake damage, renovation efforts underway