Cause of blast unclear

Explosion in Sulaymaniyah destroys former PUK official’s car

SULAYMANIYAH — An explosion destroyed a vehicle belonging to Ata Sarawi, a former member of the Kurdistan Patriotic Union (PUK) leadership council, in the Sarchinar neighborhood of Sulaymaniyah on Friday.

Sarawi was not in the vehicle at the time of the blast.

Colonel Salam Abdul Khalq, spokesperson for the Kurdistan Region Security Agency in Sulaymaniyah, told reporters, “The sound of an explosion was heard in Sarchinar, but the specifics of the explosion and its causes are not yet known.”

The blast destroyed Sarawi’s Nissan Patrol as well as two other vehicles parked next to it.

Witnesses reported a loud explosion felt in surrounding streets. No casualties were reported.

Security personnel cordoned off the area and were conducting a full investigation. Footage from surveillance cameras in the vicinity was being reviewed as part of the inquiry.