Lauding Iraq and U.S.'s common vision

Al-Sudani urges U.S. energy companies to invest in Iraq

NEWSROOM —  Iraq’s Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani met with U.S. energy executives in Houston, Texas on Thursday, urging their participation in the development of Iraq’s energy sector.

Al-Sudani told the U.S. companies that Iraq is offering licenses for the development of 30 oil and gas fields across provinces, including Anbar, Nineveh, Diwaniyah, Najaf, and Samawah, according to a statement from the prime minister’s office obtained by 964media. He noted that the application period has been extended by 15 days to accommodate interested companies and facilitate their involvement in the bidding process.

During the meeting, Al-Sudani emphasized the alignment of visions between Iraq and the United States concerning bilateral relations. He said he had agreed with U.S. President Joe Biden to foster a comprehensive partnership and openness across various sectors.

Al-Sudani underscored Iraq’s significance as a major player in the global energy market, citing its substantial reserves and production capabilities. However, he noted that the country’s true potential in the energy sector has been hindered by years of conflict and instability.

Al-Sudani affirmed his government’s commitment to enhance oil production, capturing wasted flare gas, and fostering the development of petrochemical industries.

Sudani’s efforts to engage U.S. energy firms occurred subsequent to Exxon Mobil’s departure earlier this year from the West Qurna oilfield in Basra province, one of the world’s largest oilfields. PetroChina then acquired the majority share in the field following Exxon’s exit.