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Quran stations offer correct pronunciation for Iranian visitors to Iraq

WASIT, September 2 — In the Badra and Jassan border region of Wasit governorate, six Quranic stations were inaugurated on Friday, designed to teach the correct recitation of short Quranic chapters to visitors arriving from Iran, catering to both genders, after foreign visitors discovered pronunciation errors in their recitations.

Meyyad Norzadeh, an Iranian visitor, shared: “I discovered pronunciation errors in my recitation, especially in some shorter chapters that I was hearing for the first time. Thanks to the availability of these stations, I was able to correct them. We pray to God to bless those working on this project. The Quran is a guiding light, and recent violations and transgressions make us hold onto it, learn from it at every opportunity, and follow its path.”

Ahmed Al-Jourani, the Director of Dar Al-Quran, stated: “These stations are part of a Quranic project aimed at correcting the recitation of Surah Al-Fatiha, Surah Al-Ikhlas, and other short chapters for visitors throughout Iraq.”

“We have noticed an increased interest in these Quranic stations this year from both genders, which is a response to recent offenses against the noble Quran in Sweden and Denmark,” he said. “We opened six Quranic stations, three for men and three for women, along the route taken by visitors coming from Iran. We also provided a translator at each station to convey the project’s idea and offer gifts to those who recite these chapters correctly.”

“These stations will operate until the end of the Arbaeen pilgrimage and are self-funded. Each Quranic institution bears the costs of the station, including chairs, tables, gifts, and informative brochures, in addition to the Quranic experts who work there,” Al-Jourani added.