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Basra’s Al-Farahidi Street witnesses a diverse interest in books

BASRA — Al-Farahidi Street in Basra has seen an increased number of visitors compared to the start of Ramadan, especially as bookshops remain open past midnight.

Vendors say there has been a diverse interest in books this week, particularly in business management for young people eager to start new projects and in religious criticism, a topic of heated debate this season. Works by the late Lebanese critic George Tarabishi and Iraqi thinker Abdul-Jabbar Al-Rifa’i are in high demand.

Mohamed Hasnain, a bookstore owner speaking to 964media, noted a significant trend toward business-related books, especially among young people planning to start new ventures. Among the most requested titles are “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki and “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin.

“I encourage this trend among young people as studying such books fosters business knowledge and leads to success in any project, no matter its size,” Hasnain said.

Alaa Nazem, another bookstore owner, told 964media about their success in marketing several books on intellectual and religious criticism by esteemed authors like Mohamed Abed Al-Jabri, Mohamed Arkoun, George Tarabishi, and Abdul-Jabbar Al-Rifa’i.

“There’s a growing interest among young people in these kinds of books, and I encourage our bookstore visitors to pursue this intellectual direction,” Nazem said.

Al-Farahidi Street in Basra Overflows with Cultural Activities

Al-Farahidi Street in Basra Overflows with Cultural Activities