Gathered in Ainkawa area

Erbil Christians Celebrate Nowruz in Kurdish Attire

AINKAWA – In a vibrant display of tradition and faith, the Christian community in Ainkawa, Erbil, adorned in traditional Kurdish attire, celebrated Newroz in “Dashti Ainkawa” area as they reached the 40th day of their fasting period, with only 10 days remaining until Easter.

Newroz, coinciding with the spring equinox, falls on March 21st, heralding the commencement of the Kurdish New Year.

This festive occasion is observed throughout Iraq and the wider Middle East and Central Asia.

Thursday’s gathering featured a vegan feast, with meatless dolma taking center stage, honoring their fast, which will culminate on March 31st.

Dolma, a cherished dish in Kurdistan, Iraq, and beyond, comprises stuffed vegetables and is typically accompanied by meat.

Fadi Toma, an Ainkawa resident, shared insights with 964media on the significance of the day, stating, “As we commemorate 40 days of fasting, numerous Christian families came together to revel in Newroz, a beloved annual custom.”

“From early afternoon until sunset, our community embraced the occasion with vegan fare, notably the Iraqi dolma, while some non-fasting families opted for outdoor grilling,” he added.

Ainkawa, situated north of Erbil, the capital city of the Kurdistan Region, is predominantly Christian.