In meeting with U.S. ambassador

KDP leader says his party has not boycotted Kurdistan elections

ERBIL — Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) leader Masoud Barzani reaffirmed his party’s commitment to free, fair, and transparent elections without foreign interference during a meeting with U.S. ambassador to Iraq Alina L. Romanowski.

In the meeting, held in Salahaddin town, north of Erbil, on March 20, Barzani told the U.S. ambassador that the KDP had not boycotted the elections.

He emphasized the KDP’s support for an election process that upholds the integrity of democracy and ensures the rights of various groups.

Expressing concerns about “foreign interventions” and alterations to Kurdistan Region’s electoral law, Barzani cautioned against actions that could impede the participation of diverse communities in the Region’s political life.

He underscored the KDP’s role in initiating elections in Kurdistan following the 1991 popular uprising against Saddam Hussein.

The KDP released a statement on March 18, announcing its “withdrawal” from Kurdistan parliamentary elections slated for June 10.

Addressing Erbil-Baghdad relations, Barzani noted that a comprehensive agreement within the governing State Administration Coalition, which formed the current Iraqi government, had yet to be implemented.

He highlighted the agreement’s aims of stability, prosperity, and principles of partnership, balance, and consensus, which he noted had not been realized.

For her part, Ambassador Romanowski urged the KDP leader to collaborate with other parties in resolving issues and concerns surrounding the electoral process. Barzani affirmed ongoing consultations and coordination with other parties toward this objective.