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Dental college gains trust of Najaf residents

NAJAF — The College of Dentistry at the University of Kufa in Najaf province has become a hub for patients seeking dental treatments, with students providing services free of charge.

As part of their final year requirements, each student undertakes the task of treating 10 patients under the supervision of department professors in order to graduate.

Ayat Fadhil Abboud, Head of the Pediatric Dentistry Department, told 964media that this service has been available since the college’s establishment in 2011.

Specializing in pediatric dental issues like decay, extraction, and orthodontics, the department witnesses a yearly increase in patient numbers.

“This year, with 180 students nearing graduation, the college expects to serve around 1800 patients, averaging 10 cases per student,” Abboud added.

The upcoming year anticipates an enrollment of 250 students, potentially increasing the patient count to 3000.

Abboud emphasized that while students handle cases, they are under the supervision of the college professors who oversee treatment and monitor every step.

Muhsin Hamid Al-Muzaffar, Head of the Oral Diagnosis Department, highlighted the sector’s importance within the University of Kufa, focusing on facial and jaw tissues and related diseases.
The department operates two main clinics: one for treating various oral conditions, including those that may become cancerous, and the other for minor jaw joint and facial pains.

“These clinics collectively serve over 700 patients annually, offering services such as digital radiography, which benefits more than 100 patients yearly,” Al-Muzaffar added.

Patient Zeinab Allahibi expressed confidence in the students, praising their attention to dental care. “We feel comfortable dealing with them. They explain the problem in simple terms, which is something we don’t see in other dental clinics,” Allahibi told 964media.

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