ISIS remnants targeted

Iraq launches third phase of Promise of Truth operations

DIYALA — The Iraqi Joint Operations Command has initiated the third phase of the Promise of Truth operations in Diyala, involving the army, Ministry of Interior, Popular Mobilization Forces, and the Counter-Terrorism Service.

According to a statement, the operations began at dawn, led by the Joint Operations Command in collaboration with ground forces and command staff from the Diyala sector. Support includes contributions from the air force, army aviation, logistical, and intelligence units from various directorates and agencies.

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command, coordinating the efforts of the army, the Counter-Terrorism Service, the Popular Mobilization Forces, and other security entities, represents a critical component in Iraq’s ongoing battle against terrorism, notably the remnants of ISIS.

The operations aim to pursue remnants of terrorist groups, applying pressure on these elements in alignment with the directives from the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. The initiative also reflects on the security situation in Diyala, crediting the efforts of security forces and the engagement of local communities and tribes.

The statement from the command also noted the collective commitment to combating terrorism, drawing on the support of the local population, the military, and security forces, including the Counter-Terrorism Service and the Popular Mobilization Forces.

Additionally, Yehia Rasool, military spokesperson for the PM, reported that the Promise of Truth operations have expanded into Salah Al-Din and Kirkuk, targeting terrorist activities.

The operations in Salah Al-Din, Kirkuk, and the eastern Salah Al-Din area in Tuz Khurmatu are being carried out under the direction of Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, with oversight from the Joint Operations Command.

Despite the Iraqi government’s declaration of victory over ISIS in 2017, the organization’s survivors continue to wage a guerrilla insurgency, leveraging the country’s complex socio-political landscape to sustain their presence.

The Promise of Truth operations, extending across regions like Diyala, Salah Al-Din, and Kirkuk, are part of Iraq’s ongoing struggle to eradicate and contain the lingering threats of ISIS terrorism.