Entry to farmland compliments of owners

Anbar residents enjoy spring excursions along Euphrates

HADITHA – Families and youth from Anbar are heading to scenic spots along the Euphrates River with the arrival of milder weather.

Places like Bishnah village, Alus village, and Al-Mishtor in Barwana are all hotspots for spring outings. These excursions feature traditional Chobi dances, barbecues, and open invitations from farm owners for families and school groups to visit for free.

Local Omar Al-Hadithi told 964media, “We’re enjoying the spring in Bishnah, taking in the nature, food, and dancing. It’s a welcome break before Ramadan.”

Farmer Ali Mohammed Al-Bayati from Bishnah village said, “Our lands are open to visitors at no cost, provided they respect our crops. We’re happy to share the beauty of spring without charging entrance fees.”

Teacher Ahmed Anwar shared, “Ahead of Ramadan, we organized a school trip to enjoy the spring, relieve stress, and escape city pollution. It was a chance for students to relax, engage with peers and teachers, and participate in activities like football matches, enriching their social and educational experiences.”