At least four injured

Two fighters killed in Anbar desert explosion

ANBAR – A security source told 964media that an explosive device detonated in the Anbar desert, north of Rawa district, killing two members of the Tribal Mobilization forces and injuring four others.

The incident occurred in the Sahel area, targeting a Tribal Mobilization forces. Among the deceased was Abdulrahman, the younger brother of Sheikh Awad Said Al-Jughaifi. Sheikh Awad is known for his leadership in the fight against ISIS in Anbar’s western regions and for succeeding his father, Sheikh Said Al-Jughaifi, who was a supporter of Iraqi security forces against insurgents until his death in 2012.

Another combatant, Mohamed Nasser Al-Jughaifi, was also killed in the blast, which left four fighters wounded.

The injured were transported to Rawa General Hospital for medical attention.