In Maysan and Baghdad

Iraqi intelligence arrests four in antiquities and human trafficking probe

BAGHDAD — The General Directorate of Intelligence and Security announced Tuesday the arrest of four individuals, including a woman, suspected to be involved in antiquities and human trafficking in the Baghdad and Maysan governorates.

A statement from the Directorate, obtained by 964media, detailed that precise intelligence allowed intelligence and security forces in Baghdad, operating under the Ministry of Defense, to detain two suspects in the Azamiyah area of Baghdad for illegally dealing in antiquities. They were apprehended while in possession of an ancient statue they intended to sell.

In addition, a woman wanted on human trafficking charges was arrested in the Saydiya area of Baghdad, based on an arrest warrant issued under Article 5 of the Human Trafficking Law. Legal actions were initiated against them, and they were transferred to the appropriate authorities.

Similarly, in the Maysan governorate, forces arrested an individual wanted under Article 41 related to antiquities in the Al-Amara district. This arrest underscores the continuous efforts to curb illegal activities threatening cultural heritage and human rights in Iraq.