Increased water levels

Service to Brenj floating bridge in Al-Aziziyah restored

WASIT — The Wasit Roads and Bridges Directorate’s emergency maintenance team has restored service to the Brenj floating bridge in the Al-Aziziyah district after one of its joints submerged due to rising water levels. This incident had impeded the movement of approximately 12,000 residents on the city’s right bank.

Kadhim Gashish, the deputy director of Wasit Roads and Bridges, told 964media that increasing water levels in the Tigris River caused the joint’s sinking. The emergency maintenance crew promptly repaired the damage by replacing the compromised floaters, thereby returning the bridge to full operation.

Gashish extended an apology to the residents for the inconvenience caused by the outage, assuring them that all possible measures were taken to swiftly remedy the situation. He announced that plans for a suspended bridge, intended to replace the current floating bridge, are nearing completion.

Villagers rally to fix collapsed bridge in Kurdistan Region

Villagers rally to fix collapsed bridge in Kurdistan Region