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Haditha tradition honors teachers with gifts, gratitude

HADITHA – In the lead-up to March 1, a heartwarming tradition unfolds in Haditha, Al Anbar. Students, alongside their parents, make their way to local shops. Their mission: to select gifts for their teachers, showcasing their gratitude and esteem.

Mustafa Al-Hashemi, a proprietor, notes the surge of families seeking to honor their educators. “Many come into my store, looking to arrange gifts for Teacher’s Day on March 1. Perfumes, watches, printed notebooks, and pens are among the favorites,” he explains.

Mohammed Al-Sumaidaie, a patron, highlights the personal touch his children wish to add. “They want to pick the gifts themselves, driven by their deep respect and affection for their teachers. It’s their way of saying thank you for the teachers’ kindness and the lasting mark they leave,” he says.

Samir Al-Hadithi, an employee at another gift shop, points out the significance of the occasion. “Sales for Teacher’s Day often outdo those of Valentine’s Day. We prepare right up until midnight. The offerings vary from single natural flowers to bouquets and perfumes. It’s the children’s personal involvement in choosing the gifts that truly embodies the spirit of the day,” he observes.

This tradition in Haditha underscores the profound respect and appreciation the community holds for educators. It’s a yearly celebration where families actively participate, honoring those who dedicate themselves to shaping future generations.