Diyala Health Department investigates

Food poisoning outbreak affects 165 individuals in Muqdadiyah and Baqubah

DIYALA, August 23 — The Diyala Health Department announced on Wednesday that 165 people were suffering from reported food poisoning in Muqdadiyah and Baqubah, and an extensive investigation has been launched to determine the causes.

Fares Al-Azzawi, the spokesperson for the health department, stated to 964: “During the past two days, our hospitals in Muqdadiyah received 155 cases of poisoning, and in Baqubah, 10 cases.”

“The cases resulted from consuming meals at restaurants, according to preliminary investigations,” he added. “All the cases have been treated, and the department has initiated measures that could lead to the closure of restaurants where the patients reported having eaten.”

Ruba Ahmed, one of the patients, shared: “My husband and I had a meal at a well-known burger restaurant in Baqubah. Less than four hours later, our health deteriorated. We experienced severe stomach pain, nausea, high fever, and acute diarrhea.”

“We visited Baqubah Hospital and received treatment, in addition to consulting a private doctor. However, we haven’t fully recovered yet,” she said. “The hospital was filled with similar cases, and we have filed a complaint against the restaurant where we had our meal.”

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