Looking ahead to summer

Umm Qasr launches palm tree care campaign

BASRA – In Umm Qasr, west of Basra, municipal teams have launched a campaign to maintain palm trees ahead of the summer season. Wissam Al-Harz, the director of Umm Qasr Municipality, announced that the city has 800 date palms and 1,300 Washingtonia robusta palms planted in various locations to enhance green spaces. This year, the municipality has outlined 33 initiatives, including afforestation efforts for parks and gardens.

The care regimen for these palms includes widening the tree basins to ensure water can reach the roots from all angles, necessitating regular tilling and the occasional replacement of topsoil.

“We have a significant number of palms, and we’ve already completed their maintenance on Haifa Street as we prepare for the summer. This effort will extend across all city streets,” Al-Harz told 964media.

He emphasized the importance of continuous care and irrigation for the palms, especially during the peak of summer heat, noting their role in beautifying the city and combating desertification. The campaign focuses on maintaining both date palms and Washingtonia robusta palms.

Ali Abdul Abbas, the head of Gardens, mentioned, “We’re poised to execute 33 plans from the municipality directorate as part of our agenda for the year. These projects are aimed at developing recreational parks and gardens filled with flowers, trees, and palms to increase the city’s green areas.”

The initiatives also include planting efforts along external roadways, government facilities, and schools, with the goal of expanding green spaces citywide.

Early blossoms in Basra palms raise hopes for fruitful season, water supply remains key

Early blossoms in Basra palms raise hopes for fruitful season, water supply remains key